About Us

Adheesh Gokhale

    I am a graduate student at Computer Science department of Stony Brook University. I contributed in algorithm development and testing of Twanger. I also designed the levels in this game. My interests lie in algorithms, databases and data mining.

Joshua Noll

     Whats goin on, I'm Josh Noll, I'm a 3rd year Computer Science major pursing my Bachelors at Stony Brook. I have always loved algorithms and learning new ways to program, such as writing a game in javascript. Those are the two main reasons I wanted to help design Twanger. Programming has always been something that I enjoyed since day one of my high school AP Computer Science course. I helped develop Twanger by working on the back-end, front-end, as well as helping manage all the files from everyone on my server. For more information about me please navigate up a few directories ;)

Larry Bordowitz

     Hi I'm Larry, I'm 21 years old and I like algorithms. I put the twang in Twanger and the tang in the water wherefore to make orange juice. Sleep deprivation and autobiographies do not mix well. Computational geometry is a favorite topic of mine, and I'm glad that I could spend this MHacks doing such an interesting problem. The original research paper upon which this game is based can be found here.

Ravi Jadhav

     Hello, My name is Ravi Jadhav. I am pursuing Masters in Computer Science from Stony Brook University. My interests include algorithms, data structures, graph theory and software development. For the Twanger project I worked on the front end. For more information about me please click here.

Created by: Adheesh G, Joshua N, Larry B, and Ravi J of Stony Brook University at Mhacks III