In the semester of Spring 2014 I completed research for Professor Paul Fodor. The assignment I was given was to work with and manage a team of students in creating the new MiniGame framework. The new MiniGameFx framework is a new and improved version of the old where all of the java awt and swing packages are no long used. Instead this framework uses the new JavaFx package. Being the oldest and most experienced in the team, as well as the manager, I took on the brunt of the work and completed a substantially larger portion of this project.

  This framework is used by every student in CSE 219 (Computer Science III) to build a game of the teachers choosing. In the semester following the completion of this project I became a TA (Fall 2014).

  On the left is the framework. On the right is a game originally made with the old framework, now modified and running using the new framework.